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A few fun facts about me

Great ideas aren’t industry specific. I work with clients of all scopes and sectors to create better experiences through design. Whether an adventurous startup or established global presence, the same level of detail and quality is delivered.  
Software development 95%
web development 99%
Other 88%
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Your Partner for
Software Innovation

I’ve built websites, corporate software and even games! If you are interested, you can view some of my favorite projects in my portfolio down below. I’ve worked with a wide variety of programming languages. Whenever I need the most performance possible I obviously go with C++ and finally when I am building prototypes or working on my hobby projects I fall back on Python.


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Our Values

An award winning Technology Company
As a company, we value honesty, integrity, openness, commitment, productivity, quality, excellence, self-improvement, economic value addition and mutual respect. We have a very serious passion towards technology and work with our customers, partners to create win-win opportunities that fosters mutual business growth, excellence and exceptional value.